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Fall clean up 2020, Planning Spring 2021

It has been a roller coaster, we have a staff of 3-4 people to help with our maintenance. It is lovely to think that everyone is understanding about our needs for social distance in the gardens. Most clients wave at us, send message in advance, and send e-payments. Everything looks seamless, orders are coming in and slowly, but we have been fortunate with our trusted clients.

We may have few spots for fall clean up 2020. If your garden went wild, we are here to trim whats needed, put your perennial to winter sleep properly. We will rake leaves on some corners for your beneficial bugs, we can also take them away for composting if you prefer.

We are here to work with you, so message us if you need help.

NEW: we are offering garden coaching for those interested in Edible Gardening. As you know, Angelina has a small 10-acre farm in the city, and we can share seeds, ideas, and how-to advise. If you want preparation done this year for the 2021 spring, send us a message. We have GARDEN COACHING sessions.

SEEDs: yes, we save seeds for home gardens and we have lots of heirloom seeds for you.

Thank you for all your patience, much love and understanding in these days of uncertainty.

Our flowers bloom, our veggies produce -- don't know when exactly, but they always do.

Angelina and Team Local Gardening Services


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