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Harnessing the Elements

Having grown up on a farm, I feel blessed with life around me, and how it interacts with each other. As I went to study in universities, I realized that these theories are active and alive out here. Plants live in harmony with the 5 basic elements of life; align with it, and your garden will thrive.

So, here are my top 5:

  1. Earth - The soil science in plants. Plants do well in loam, so before planting, amend your soil with compost. Or get a balance triple mix from your garden center. Annuals or perennial plants will love you.

  2. Air - Plants need to breath as well. Plants planted too close to each other are susceptible to fungus. Give space when planting in ground.

  3. Water - Water early in the morning or evening. You want water to soak down to the roots. 30-60 minutes each day especially in mid-summer. Trick: Mulch at 3 inches deep. It helps retains moisture in the ground and prevent growth of weeds.

  4. Sky - Location, location, location. Some plants like it in the sunny spot, some like it in the shade. Ask your garden expert before planting.

  5. Fire - the ashes are good plant fertilizer. Mix it well, and nature do the rest.

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