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Delays: Weather Conditions - Challenging Season

Weather Delays, Weed Explosion, Challenging Summer

( However, I decided, I will enjoy Summer 2017)

Note: this is just my comment about the weather conditions and intended for my conversations with plants. But, feel free to chime in!

We are working daily during sunny breaks, but on reduce capacity as some of my crew are sick.

There has been weather delays. Flooding, record breaking rain, random burst of rain and sun. What a challenging weather?

In my 15 years in Ottawa, this rainy season is the most I can remember. The drought few years ago, it was tough, but I managed well, because I can work around full sun.

Excessive rain brought delayed for landscaping materials.

The ground is saturated to the point that I cannot work or else, I will end up destroying current grass. Plants in the nurseries are so-so.

There is also massive weed explosion - anyone else have this problem? The heat cause them to flourish, then there is rain.

The wild campanula:, is ever present in many gardens and it has big challenging to eradicate them. The root systems have its own mechanism, shovelling them out on a dry day helps - but the sticky mud keeps the roots intact. Argg..

It also cause me and my crew to get sick. For example, we will be working for 2 hours - sweaty and hot, and suddenly, we got rained on. It can pour out of now where, so fast that we have to dash to the car.

This has been a long awaited summer, I will enjoy the rest of it in the gardens. I hope to serve everyone's garden, I hope to meet you all. Keep smiling, and smell the lilacs.

Live.Love. Garden!:)


Please be patient with Mother Nature - she does have a temper - just saying!

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