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Local Gardening Services is a year round, full service operation. Whether you are looking for professional guidance to get you started, a full garden design, or planting and scheduled maintenance, we can help you achieve the garden of your dreams. 

Our team is detail oriented and dedicated to client satisfaction. We are committed to making your garden your personal oasis. We strive to deliver the best possible service while ensuring beautiful results.

It all begins with you contacting us to discuss your needs and arrange a site visit. Master Gardener Angelina will meet with you to tailor a customized plan for your garden.  We do not service tower garden anymore, we take care of indoor plants in building all year round. 

We are gearing up for Season 2024. Now, loading spring...

Garden Design

Garden planning and design to achieve a garden that blooms throughout the season and year after year. 

Garden Rejuvenation

Did your garden get out of control, outgrow its space, or change due to growing trees. We can rejuvenate your garden to its full glory.

Therapeutic Gardens

Let us help you design and build a relaxing and healing place to while away the hours in peace and contemplation and maybe a glass or two of wine. 

Edible Gardens


Edibles and herbs for the kitchen and for the holistic herb savvy. Savoury and fragrant, healing, healthy and beautiful.

Potted Arrangements


Take all the guess work out of wondering what grows with what. These delightful micro gardens add colour and happiness to your space


Spend your valuable time relaxing and enjoying your garden and leave everything else to us. We won't tell a soul. 

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