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Hello gardening season 2021!!!

We are optimistic despite the challenges. We will do what we can, to beautify the gardens for your backyard pleasure. Our core values will guide us in our day to day operations.

  • We believe in using organic practices to help the environment and for saving the future ecosystem for the next generations to enjoy.

  • We will encourage using native plants species and planting pollinator flowers, big or small.

  • We believe, that our choices will make a BIG difference in the future landscape of Greater Ottawa and beyond.

  • Our ecological practice will help mitigate soil erosion, water pollution, air pollution and we believe that a greener future start with our hearts and purposeful intentions.

Whats up for Season 2021?

Garden Installation - we install gardens, offer landscape preparation, and install your plants with maintenance programs. We service self designed gardens and those which are designed by Landscape Designers. Message us if you need pricing on your landscape designs.

Maintenance Services: Our yearly maintenance in your gardens has been renewed and we are set to go full operation as usual May 1- October 31, 2021.

Renovation and Rejuvenation: A classic, a low maintenance garden which gets away with you, and now it is a high maintenance garden and you have no idea which one is what. No worries, we can visit your garden and we can come up with a plan to get it back under control. With everyone staying home these days for work, you deserve a calm and serene garden.

Mulching and Addition of Compost: Mulch (woodchips ) conserve water and prevent weeds. We can apply mulch to your garden. Yes, we know our plants, so we will not step on those perennials.

Compost: Organic addition to feed your plants. We deliver mushroom compost and apply the organic soil and clean up the area.

Edible Ornamentals and Small Veggie Gardens: This is our field of expertise we are organic farmers too. We can provide seeds, seedlings to start your own backyard veggie garden. We can build the raise bed in your backyard to fit your needs. We also can deliver Organic Gardening Soil.

Childrens garden will be dominated with greens and sunflowers.

Consultation Services, Site Assessments: 199$ + HST (45 minutes to 1 hour). Yes, you have done "the google" and each time the information contradicts or not clear about what you need. Angelina is a master gardener, has been local in Ottawa Gardens for the past 20 years and can help you figure out what works for our climate, for your specific local micro climate. Then you can DIY a project on your own.

Garden Coaching Services: Does Do-it-yourself saves you money and give you enjoyment? We can guide you with proper tools and techniqes to be hands on in your gardening and edible landscaping journey!

See you in the garden! LIVE.LOVE.GARDEN.

Angelina and Team Local Gardening Services

(Establish 2001 in Ottawa)


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