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Welcome to Season 2022

We are here, in the sunshine and in the rain! We are filled with hopes, optimism and boundless energy.

Triple vaccinated and still kicking with the gardening boots.

Updates: Our Season is May 1 - October 31, 2022.

Our staff and management vacation Date is July 1-15, 2022.

1. We will send the agreement for our regular clients for seasonal gardening maintenance, all our clients will auto-renew for 2002. (unless we have a notice of cancellation)

2. Health precautions - we are happy to be able to smile without the mask, however, we also respect those who still need one. We encourage you to keep the 6 ft distance, and/or request for our service team to wear mask if necessary.

3. Our pay-as-you go services are at capacity, safe to say we are at 80% fully booked. We have a staff of 6 crew member this year, and it will be a smaller crew. We can install your plants, apply mulch/woodchips, shop and deliver plants, and take on small riverstone or flagstone paths from your backdoor to your BBQ area.

4. We are also engage in Native Plants Agriculture. This year, we partners with Landcare Collective to start a nursery, so you can buy native plants in Ottawa. We will sell plugs in May - baby plants, and we will sell potted ones in the fall. We also offer services to create native gardens in your backyard. We work in the rhythym of nature and we build gardens with the understanding of functioning ecosystems. Habitats and native insects are recognize as part of our natural environment, thus, vital in our inclusive garden designs.

5. Angelina offers Consultation Services, 245$ + HST. ( 1 hour in your garden).

This will be a walk in your garden, to have an overview and understanding of the nature around you, your plants, your shrubs, trees, water drainage, wind effect and you sun/shade requirements. While you have been calling for contractors to give you estimate without success, try a Landscape Consultation with Angelina. Base on this consultation, you will gain a better understanding of your garden, you will know what materials you will need

and what is the next step you need to do to maintain a zen experience in your outdoors space.

Schedule: 10am 0r 1Pm Monday to Friday . We offer Saturday on selected basis.

Ideal for : new home owners, DIY owners, realtors and renovation planners. ]

How to make the best of this consult? Have an over-all picture of your yard, and approximate size. Look at Sun/Shade and direction of water, and air flow?

Have your questions ready, in pen and paper or you Ipad.

6. Project Management Services. We are experience with total backyard makeover and we can manage your landscape project. We can also creating shopping list for your DIY projects.

7. We partner with Sweet William Farms to supply your edible landscaping. If you need fruit trees, shrubs, perennial plants, and plant start plugs, we can order them for you and do the labor of planting.

8. Sustainable gardening - we were born with the principle of sustainability, in the model of Sustainable Development presented by Brundland Commision (1987). We believe in our common future. We promote recycling by re-using gardening pots, we undertake composting initiative and we build and support community gardens. We promote organic gardening, and organic farming and we desire to support local businesses for our supply chain needs.

We firmly believe that we, as business owners, and gardeners, plays a very important part in promoting healthier ecosystems, and a beautiful, sustainable future.

Enjoy the Sunshine...

We thank you for all the support.

~ Team LGS 2022, Angelina, Kyle and Family


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