Local Gardening Services Community Efforts

Master Gardener of Ottawa Carleton >>
At Local Gardening Services, we're proud to have a team passionate about bettering our community. We are able to assist local organizations in the Ottawa area in a variety of manners. Below are just some of the ways we offer support:

  • Donating seeds to community garden initiatives.

  • Assisting with community garden maintenance. 

  • Upcycling plants removed from client gardens.

  • Hosting information sessions.

  • Participating in horticultural seminars.

  • Providing advice and support at local markets.

Please contact us at if you have a project that you think Local Gardening Services may be able to help with.

Local Resources in Ottawa

Master Gardener of Ottawa Carleton >>
Moi moi is a member, feel free to contact me any time. If you have a question about your garden, we have an answer..


Ottawa Horticultural Society  >>

Sharing tips and tricks about gardening in Ottawa, what thrives here, and what does not 


Friends of the Farm >>

They grow these plants here in Ottawa, they observe them and recorded it. They are the pros!





Artistic Landscape >>

They have been growing here in Ottawa for the last 60 years, and their selection has been great for me. I highly recommend you check their selection and they have display gardens in the back of the nursery..for you to check out).


Galetta Rose Nurseries >>

Mark grows these roses in Galletta Road. Grown in Ottawa, for Ottawa gardeners. if you plant it right, your rose will be a treasure forever.

Richard Inchley Ponds >>

Wondering  what is going on with your pond? Call Richard, I mean call him (not text him) he knows ponds inside out and will install it for you, provide plants suited to your ponds and lovely fishies). 

Local Nurseries