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Welcome to Gardening Season 2024

Happy Spring everyone!

It was mild winter, so I am hoping the tender perennials are alright. We check our gardens and some growth has occured, yet it is still very cold in the nights. Days are getting longer, so this is good news. We notice the wind is also very strong, watch out for falling debris from your trees.

We hope the gardens are showing pretty with the tulips and daffodils.

Season Date:

Our 2024 season will be May 1, 2024 to October 31, 2024. Our usual team and vacation is July 1-15, 2023 - we do not do install in these dates, and we do our scheduled maintenance.

Our seasonal contracts, regular clients are automatically renewed, unless you need to cancel. Do not worry if we are slow with paperwork, we are with you all these years, and we will always show up with a smile.

Surcharge: We have additional 70$ gas surcharge on all our season contracts, we did our route optimization and we come up with this number.

Plant Selections: We do supply perennial plants on our installation. We promote native plants, they are resilient, easy to care, and they service our native insects and birds. We do our share in ecological restoration, and hoping to promote a greener backyards for future generations to enjoy. We supply native plants and we partner with native plant grower, Sundaura of A cultivated Art. She grow all these plants from seeds, and we help care for them, and deliver and install them in your gardens. Interested in native plants?

See the list of them in the website: A Cultivated Art Inc.

Food Security: Growing you own little food garden? Either a stand alone vegetable garden bed, or mix with your flowers? We can help you go grow food, we partner with Sweet William Farms to grow seeds and seedlings, perennial edibles to add into your flower garden. Because why not? Pretty flowers and kale can get along, so as radish, beets, and lots of herbs. We can maximize your square footage by adding edibles into your gardens. If you are keen on getting certified organic top dressing soil, for food growing in Ottawa, the one I know that is certified is Greely Sands, they are family owned by the Pyper family since 1990s. They seem to be easy to contact, much better than me, believe me. They answer their phone number regularly 613 821 3003, and

I used most of their mixes for the farm, and growing your vegetable seedlings for about 10 years now, and its pretty consistent with results. They also deliver, so if you order the materials ahead of time, it will be there in your driveway, so I will come with my team to apply these soil and mulch for you. We used their Composted Pine Mulch (CPM) - and their Shredded Pine Mulch (SPM). These products are applied to your gardens, so they help prevent weed growth, conserve water and added organic matter. They deliver in bulk as well.

Also, I still do use anything from Home Depot, Lowes, Costco, any local store that sells soil and mulch, so that gives you options. I tend to avoid heavily dyed mulch, it looks nice for weeks, then it fades. Unless you are going for a specific look, natural cedar or pine is the best way to go.

Enviromental Services: We collect the garden debris for composting when possible, or saved you $$$ by putting your brown bags in your driveway - a day before your garden day. We usually service your gardens, 1 day before garbage day.

Client Services Routes: We service Manotick, Barrhaven, Kanata and Rockliff. Anything in between, please inquire, we will do our best.

Our East end crew also service Navan, Cumberland, Blackburn Hamlet.

Team: We are probably a team of 7-8 staff this year, with a master gardener, horticulture technician, farmers, landscapers and experienced gardeners.

Service Days: We work Monday to Friday 7am start. Our occassional Saturdays & , we work as needed to cover for rain days.

So, cheers to the bird singing and the hot summer sun!

As the sun shines bright, we will not be in our computers, but out there ... in your beautiful gardens

Team LGS 2024: Angelina, Kyle, Tom, Karlina , Bella, Karlina, John, Tyler , Kieren

Special Thanks to Best in Ottawa for including us in their list for 2023.

7 Best Landscape Maintenance Services in Ottawa [2023 ] (


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