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Moxiest Work Woman 2017

Do you have Moxie? Mok'se is the ability to face fear with spirit and courage?

Do you have it? We - I do.

I am the Moxiest Workwoman for 2017. I am your Moxie Ambassador. Ask me about safety. Ask me about my trade.

It took me allmost a month, before I decide to write my blog. I have mix feelings, on one side, I am very happy. On the other side, I am honored and humbled at the same time, and I spend many times contemplating about my role as an ambassador? I am pretty sure I don't have all the answers, but here are some questions that I am trying to answer myself and hopefully, I can fit the shoe.

How can I promote safety in the workplace?

How can I encourage and represent women in trades?

What message do I have to inspire the youth to engage and participate in community?

I have face every work day with spirit and courage, I have face many adversities in life and continually share this journey. I am willing to carry this torch to light your ways, and I am willing to be a role model, for the youth of today, to live in a respectful manner, to promote equality, to provide quality service and be able to give back to my community. What else do you think can a Moxie ambassador do?

Thank you... and a million more..

My kids play a crucial role in my life - these young ones inspire me to be the best person I can be.

There is also a whole community of people that love, and nurture me. I thank you for all your support, to those you I can publicly acknowledge, and to those who wanted to remain anonymous.

Thank you to Marissa and Moxie Trades company for trusting me to promote safety in workplace, promote women in trades, and total belief that can rock this Pink outfit with the Mighty Ax. Much love.

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