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Community Gardening Mission

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The Carlington Community Garden located at 900 Merivale will be close this season to give way to a Senior Community Housing. That is finale of a 22 year old garden in Ottawa, consisting of at least 100 resident gardeners.

Carlington affordable housing plan would uproot local garden. 'Innovative' plan to build 42 new affordable apartments for seniors at Carlington Community Health Centre (Kate Porter, Feb. 9, 2016)

So, Where do we go from there? 100 residents will no place to garden?

So, we organize together as a community, with the assistance of Carlington Community Center and Just Food.

There a place, a former landfill on Woodward and McBride Street, by Carlington Park will be our new garden. We need accessible pathway, raise bed boxes, new soil, pipe stand for water, to repair or build and new shed, garden hoses, and lots of luck. We just need lots of money, which we don't have. Would you help us?

Here is our crowdfunding campaign: Save Carlington Community Garden !


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